Beam 6' 6"
Draft up/down 5"/4' 11"
Minium Weight 700 lb
Sail Area (main & jib)
Sail Area (spinnaker)

The weekend of January 31st and February 1st, 2015, a group of long time Lightning Class members are gathering in Florida to decide whether the ILCA should evaluate an asymmetrical spinnaker as an alternative for our class in the future.  Their efforts can be considered a “Pre-evaluation Evaluation”.Please read the Status Report on the project. I want to assure you that this is simply research--an investigation, a trial, a “what-if”-- and is by no means an indication of the direction the class is heading.  No ILCA Funds have been used, and yet we will receive a lot of value from the investments of their personal time and funds. ILCA President, Debbie Probst


San Diego, CA February 8
St. Petersburg, FL February 13 - 15
San Diego, CA February 21 - 22
Savannah, GA February 28 - 1

St. Petersburg, FL March 14 - 17
Coral Gables, FL March 18 - 21
San Diego, CA March 22
Pucón, Chile
  1. Tito Gonzalez
  2. Felipe Robles
  3. Diego Gonzalez
NAOV - Fleet 525/ Voula, Greece
  1. Vasilas Aggelos, Kafetzidakis Anestis, Kafetzidakis Vangelis
  2. Michael Koulinaos, Konstantinos Katopis, Nikos Mazos
  3. Kostis Venetsanos, Dimitris Kinnik, Chrisa Simou
Lake Monroe Sailing Association - Fleet 526/Sanford, FL
  1. Bill Mauk, Cam Carlin, Alexander LaValle
  2. William Faude, Steve Hayden, Angie Hayden
  3. Laura Jeffers, Will Jeffers, Jen Davis
Salinas Yacht Club - Fleet 405/ Salinas, Ecuador
  1. Claudio Biekarck, Gunnar Ficker & Marcelo Batista
  2. Nicolas Fracchia, Gonzalo Pollitzer & Maria Paula Salerno
  3. Julio Velez, Rafael Quintero & Juan Andres Santos
  1. Eric Oetgen
  2. Marcus Moehlman
  3. Will Tyner