Beam 6' 6"
Draft up/down 5"/4' 11"
Minium Weight 700 lb
Sail Area (main & jib)
Sail Area (spinnaker)

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St Petersburg, Florida February 12 - 14
San Diego, California February 20 - 21

San Diego, California March 6
Savannah, Georgia March 12
Miami, Florida March 13
Miami, Florida March 14 - 16
Piraeus, Greece March 14 - 15
Lake Monroe Sailing Association/Fleet 526 - Sanford, FL
  1. Jeffrey Hayden, Luis Pawlowski, Tom McNally
  2. Kip Hamblet, Angie Hayden, Mark Grinder
  3. Steve Hayden, David Moring, Airel Harrington
Yacht Club de Chile – Valparaiso, Chile
  1. Tito Gonzalez, Alberto Gonzalez, Trinidad Gonzalez
  2. Victor Lobos, Sebastian Lobos, Alvaro Varela
  3. Tomas Middleton, Rodrigo Robles, Miguel Perez
Mission Bay Yacht Club/Fleet 194–Sn Diego, CA
  1. Jeff Coppens, Tom Goddard, Stephen Bailey
  2. Larry Schmitz, Mark Baker, Chip Buck
  3. Mike Brewer
NAOV – Voula, Greece
  1. Stamatiadis Dimitris, Mazos Nick, Papamichael Chrysanthos
  2. Stathopoulos Dimitris, Tolis Alexandros, Droulia Dimitra
  3. Pangakis Iannis, Amourgianos Konstantinos, Tzimas Anastasis
Club Náutico El Portillo, Tominé - Colombia
  1. Felipe Robles, Andres Guevara, Pablo Lorca
  2. Santiago Uzcategui, Jochen Raute, Johann Uscategui
  3. Julian Ramirez, Felipe Castillo, Alejandro Abisambra