Beam 6' 6"
Draft up/down 5"/4' 11"
Minium Weight 700 lb
Sail Area (main & jib)
Sail Area (spinnaker)

Governing Board Meeting Scheduled for 8:30am, Tuesday, November 21st at the Salinas YC. One item pertaining to the 2018 North American Championship is up for vote.

Make plans to sail in the Florida Winter Series (Dec, Jan, Feb) to prepare for the Southern Circuit March 24-30, 2018!

Intl Master, SA Championships and Worlds - On-line registration. Worlds NOR Amendment 2 posted Oct 2. 2017 World Championship Country Allocation Please complete Airport Transportation Form ASAP if you purchased transportation. Also send in Head Shots for Yacht Club Credentials.


Charleston, South Carolina October 21 - 22

Hampton, Virginia November 4 - 5
Columbia, South Carolina November 4 - 5
Mallets Bay Boat Club/Fleet 301–Burlington, VT
  1. Chad Miller, Tanya Miller, John Hill 
  2. Bill Fastiggi, Suzy Coburn, Stephanie Boucher
  3. Don Brush, Rick Stevens, Berritt Stevens 
Severn Sailing Associatio/Fleet 329–Annapolis, MD
  1. Ched Proctor, Charlie Proctor, Meredith Killion
  2. Stephen Constants, Chloe Constants, Mike Constants
  3. Craig Cobbum, Alon Finkelstein, Jenn Millar
Cowan Lake Sailing Association/Fleet 303–Cincinnati, OH
  1. Jim Taylor, Carl Taylor, George Auer
  2. Brad Wagnon, Stan Cummins, Bryan Bahler
  3. Mike Brock, Nate Ireland, Tim Gillian
  1. Team Morin 
  2. Tom Klaban 
  3. Rose/Garza 
North Cape Yacht Club/Fleet 42–LaSalle, MI
  1. George Sipel
  2. Tom Klaban
  3. Horin