Officers for 2014-2015

Executive Committee
To Be Elected by Governing Boad
Laura Jeffers
Vice Presidents

VP Special Projects - Julian Calvin
VP Special Projects - Matthew Schon
VP Special Projects - Lauri Hemming
VP Special Projects - Ryan Flack
VP Special Projects - Steven H Davis
VP Special Projects - James P Taylor
VP Special Projects - Todd Wake
VP Special Projects - William G Brown
VP Technical - Tom Allen
VP World Championship Regattas - Robert Ruhlman
VP Youth World Championships - Ian Jones

VP Canada - Richard M Walsh
VP Canada - Valerie Tardif- Holly
VP Argentina - Juan Alejandro Cloos
VP Brazil - John S Bennett
VP Chile - Victor A Lobos
VP Colombia - Gustavo Tamayo
VP Ecuador - Justus Klemperer
VP Finland - Kimmo Aromaa
VP Greece - George Andreadis

VP Advisory Committee - John Faus
VP Assistant Measurer - Glenn E Reitinger
VP Assistant Measurer - Joe Buczkowski
VP Assistant Measurer - Jack Mueller
VP Assistant Measurer - Nelson S Schmitt
VP Assistant Measurer - Ryan Ruhlman
VP Assistant Measurer - William F Cabrall
VP Classic Boats - Robert Astrove
VP International Development - Ian F Edwards
VP International Logistics - Mark C Schneider
VP ISAF Liaison - David Sprague
VP Marketing/Promotion - William G Faude
VP NA Championships - Joshua Goldman
VP Rules & Regulations - Darryl Waskow
VP Special Projects - William J Fastiggi
VP Special Projects - Bill Mauk
VP Special Projects - Brian W Hayes
VP Special Projects - Clarke D Newman
VP Special Projects - Gary S Hurban
VP Special Projects - Joan A Hurban

Vacant Positions:
VP Italy
VP Switzerland

Nominating Committee: John Faus, Chair   Rob Ruhlman   Brian Hayes