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80th Anniversary Regatta

Top 5 Reasons to Attend the 80th Regatta
By Mike Yates
Posted on 4/16/2018 9:14 PM

Top 5 Reasons to Attend the 80th Anniversary Lighting Regatta


5.           The 80th Anniversary Regatta is planned to be family friendly and fun for all.  Friday events include yard games and day sailing.  Also, the Skaneateles Country Club has a great beach facility, so come and enjoy!


4.           The Skaneateles area has lots to offer your non-sailing friends and family.  Shopping and restaurants in the Village of Skaneateles, local wineries, brewers, and distilleries, art and historical museums, waterfalls, hiking trails, and plenty of places for cycling and running.  Make a holiday of it!


3.           William Seward, Lincoln’s Secretary of State who purchased Alaska for the US, once said Skaneateles Lake was the most beautiful lake in the world.  Today, it is still one of the cleanest and most picturesque lakes in the United States.


2.           Skaneateles is the home of the Lightning sailboat and Class.  Come to the 80th Anniversary Regatta and see and touch Lightning number 1, then sail the same lake from the same club #1 first sailed in 1938.    


1.           The Anniversary Lightning Regatta only happens once every ten years.  You can do or attend all those other things next year; however, you’ll have to wait another ten years to see all your friends and celebrate the Lightning.

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