Beam 6' 6"
Draft up/down 5"/4' 11"
Minium Weight 700 lb
Sail Area (main & jib)
Sail Area (spinnaker)

The Governing Board has elected Ryan Ruhlman as the 5th Executive Committee Member. Ryan currently serves on the Governing Board as an Assistant Measurer and has served in this position for 10 years. Read More

Recap of Actions taken during the August Meetings. Full minutes will be posted soon.


La Punta, Peru October 29 - 30

Columbia, South Carolina November 5 - 6
Hampton, Virginia November 5 - 6
La Punta, Peru November 12 - 13
  1. Team Morin
  2. Tom Klaban
  3. George Sipel
Carolina Yacht Club/Fleet 429–Charleston, SC
  1. Jody Starck, Jason Lutz, David Starck
  2. Josh Putnam, Stanton Bost, Emory Williams
  3. Thomas Allen, Colin Voigt, JoAnn Fisher
Malletts Bay Boat Club/leeet 301– Colchester, VT
  1. Bill Fastiggi, Suzy Coburn, Jill Gagne
  2. Ben Wilkinson, Abby Finkeneur, Rex Ryan
  3. Nick Aswad, Michael Booker, Ben McAndrew
Severn Sailing Association/Fleet 329–Annnapolis, MD
  1. Justin Coplan, Danielle Prior, Bill Wiggins
  2. Mark Serti, Cory Sertl, Katie Terhune
  3. David Starck, Jody Starck, Bill Faude
Cowan Lake Sailing Association/Fleet 303– Cincinnati, OH
  1. Jim Taylor, Carl Taylor, George Auer
  2. Brad Wagnon, Brian Bahler, Stan Cummins
  3. Mike Thomas, Bill Thomas, Natalie Thomas