Bay City Yacht Club Regatta

06/24/2017 to 06/25/2017
Hosted by: Bay City Yacht Club – Bay City, Michigan United States
  Michigan District – Fleet 216
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1.    Rules:   This regatta will be conducted under the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) as modified by the International Lightning Class Association (ILCA) Rules, and the Notice of Race (NOR) including any amendments to the NOR, except as any of these are altered by the Sailing Instructions.  

       (a)  Electronic Equipment:  The use of hand-held VHF radios while racing will be permitted, but only for emergencies and for receiving communication from the Race Committee. The Race Committee may use VHF radio to hail OCS (On Course Side) boats after starts and otherwise communicate with the fleet on the water, on Channel 69.  Failure to receive a hail, for a hail to be made, the order of hails made, or to receive other VHF communications the Race Committee shall not be cause for redress.

 (b) The Sailing Instructions may change other Racing Rules.  In the event of conflict between NOR and SIs, SIs govern.

2.    Eligibility:   The regatta is open to all boats of the International Lightning Class:

3.    Entry Fee:   The $50 entry fee includes, brats and beverages Friday evening, & beverages after racing on Saturday.

4.    RegistrationOn-Site:

a.     Saturday June 24,  9am to 11am

5.    Schedule

a.     Friday June 23

i.           7 – 10 pm                   Free Brats and Beverages in Dry Sail Area

b.    Saturday June 24

i.          9am – 11:00 am           Registration

ii.         11 am                          Competitors Meeting

iii.        12:30 pm                     Warning Signal for 1st Race

iv.        Post races                     Free Beverages in the dry sail area.

vi.        6:30 pm                       Dinner at the Yacht Club

c.     Sunday June 25

i.          10am   Warning Signal for 1st race of the day.

ii.         No start after 1 pm

iii.        At conclusion of races:  Awards

6.    Scoring. Appendix A of the Racing Rules of Sailing is changed as follows:
(a) Each boat finishing in a race and not thereafter retiring or being disqualified will be scored points equal to her finishing place, as follows: first boat scores 1 point, second boat scores 2 points, and so on. "DNC", "DNS", "DNF", and "RET" score points equal to one more, and "OCS", "DNE", "BFD,", and "DSQ" score points equal to two more than the greatest number of boats eligible to start in any race of the series. "RDG" scores points equal to the finishing position awarded her after a hearing for request for redress.
(b) Each boat's total score will be the sum of her scores for all races, excluding her worst score if six or more races are sailed.

7.    Meals

a.     Dinner is at the club on Saturday Night:  Tickets are available at registration on either Friday or Saturday.

8.    Other Info

a.     Camping is Available On Site   (pre-register with Commodore Terry Hart at:   or 989-598-0849

b.    “Who’s Coming” Website:  Please register on the ILCA Website

c.     Housing is Available: contact Chris Jacobson at:

d.    For general information, contact Fleet Captain Matt Princing at: or 989-239-5778 or   John McCree at:

e.     For general information, contact Matt Princing at: or 989-239-5778                 or   John McCree at: