CT/RI Junior District Championship & Area B Sears Qualifier

06/30/2017 to 07/1/2017
Hosted by: Niantic Bay Yacht Club – Niantic, Connecticut United States
  Connecticut/Rhode Island District – Fleet 85
Contact: Chris Vann
860 460 7743
Documents: Notice of Race Entry Form

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Notice of Race

CT/RI Lightning Class Junior District Championship


US Sailing Area B Triplehanded Championship and Sears Cup qualifier


Niantic Bay Yacht Club, Niantic, Connecticut

June 30 – July 1, 2017

  1. RULES[1]
    1. The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing.
    2. The following documents shall apply:
      1. US Sailing Regulations 2, 10 and 13.
      2. The Conditions for the United States Junior Sailing Championships.
      3. The US Sailing Championship Support Vessel Policy. http://www.ussailing.org/racing/championships/coaching-and-support-boat-policy/
    3. Racing Rules will be changed as follows:
      1. Rule 29.1 and rule 30.1 are changed to permit the hailing of recall numbers. The failure of any boat to hear the hail, an untimely hail of OCS boats, failure to hail any boats, and the order of the boats in the hail shall not be grounds for granting redress;
      2. The preamble to Part 4 and rule 40 are changed so that competitors shall wear a US Coast Guard (USCG) approved personal flotation device (PFD) while on the water other than for brief periods while adding or removing clothing.
      3. Rule 61.1(a) is changed so that “A boat intending to protest about an incident that occurs in the racing area shall notify the Race Committee finish boat of her intention as soon as possible after finishing, including the boat identification number of the boat(s) being protested”;
      4. Rule 64.1 is changed to allow penalties imposed by the Protest Committee, for hearings held under rule 60.3, as changed, which may range from a reprimand to a dismissal from the regatta;
      5. Rule 77 is changed such that a boat is not required to display national letters; however, competitors may be required to apply recall numbers to their boat or sail;
      6. Competitors are reminded that under rule 14 contact shall be avoided.  Observers will be on the racecourse.  The protest committee, in accordance with rule 60.3(a), and/or the race committee, under 60.2(a), may protest any boat involved in contact.
      7. These changes will appear in full in the sailing instructions. The sailing instructions may also change other racing rules.
    1. Competitors must have reached their 13th birthday but not their 19th birthday during 2017.
    2. To be eligible for the Sears Cup competitors must be individual or family members of US Sailing.
    3. To be eligible for the Sears Cup, competitors must be a member of a Local Sailing Organization (LSO)* that is a member of its Regional Sailing Association (RSA) and US Sailing.  All the members of a crew shall reside in or regularly compete in the same RSA where the club is geographically located.
    4. For the Sears Cup, an alternate is named on the entry form at the first level of competition, and may not be changed in the competitive year.  The alternate will attend the championship only if a crew member withdraws. 


    1. A minimum of five (5) boats are required to be entered by the NOR registration deadline, and a minimum of three (3) boats are required to be on the starting line in order for the winners to move on to the Sears cup.
    2. This Area will qualify one (1) team for the triplehanded discipline.
    3. A Team is defined as all contestants listed on the entry form for a specific LSO, except the alternate.
    4. The skipper must remain the same throughout the series of qualifying events within and through his/her Area Qualifying event and including the National Championship. If the skipper is unable to continue, then the runner-up team will be named to replace the winning team.
    5. A crew member may be substituted with the named alternate, with the approval of the Protest Committee, or if between events, by the next-level Protest Committee. Once so named, the alternate shall compete as a named member of the team for the rest of the competitive year. An alternate, once used, may not be replaced or substituted for, without the written permission of the next level Protest Committee prior to the event.


    1. All boats shall register (or if pre-registered, check-in) at NBYC on July 1, 2017 from 0900 through 1000.  Sailing Instructions and other regatta information will be available at registration. Registration will close at 1000 hours on July 1, 2017. 
    2. If requested by the Organizing Authority, an applicant shall send a copy of his or her birth certificate or passport to complete the application.
    3. The entry fee is $ 100 per boat.
    4. Entry fees are non-refundable. 


    1. Each boat shall comply with rules of the Lightning class and may be inspected for compliance at any time during the regatta at the discretion of the Protest Committee.
    1. Competitive boats will be available for charter for this event.  Boats will be chartered through Mudratz.  To charter, follow this link: Mudratz Lightning charter.  The charter fee is $75.  A boat will be held for each RSA until June 1, 2016.   After that, any remaining boats will be released on a first come, first serve basis. 
    2. Crews chartering boats must complete an orientation prior to July 1, 2017.  Orientation will include an introduction of the crew to their boat, the condition of the boat will be confirmed, and a qualification sail will be completed.  Chartering crews must demonstrate sufficient competency to safely compete in the regatta to proceed.  Coaching will be available.  If the organizing authority determines that a crew is unable to safely compete in the regatta the organizing may revoke the charter and the crew’s entry in the regatta at any time and without recourse.
    3. A clinic will be held on June 30.  The clinic will familiarize the competitors with the local conditions and probable race course.  Attendance is optional.

June 24-June 30: Charter crew orientations

June 30: Clinic and Practice racing

1200: Warning Signal for practice races

1600 to 1800: Competitor check-in at NBYC

July 1

0900-1000: Competitor check-in at NBYC

1000: Competitors meeting

1100: First Warning Signal

1600: No race will be started after this time

Awards will be presented as soon as practical after racing.


    1. The sailing instructions will be available at registration.
  2. PENALTY SYSTEMS  - On the water judges will be used
    1. Appendix P – Special Procedures for Rule 42 will apply.
    1. Racing will be in Niantic bay.
    2. Courses will be windward/leeward using drop marks. Course diagrams will be provided in the Sailing Instructions.
  4. Scoring
    1. The low-point Scoring System, Appendix A will apply.
    2. Three (3) races are required to be completed to constitute a series.
      1. When fewer than five (5) races have been completed, a boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores.
      2. When five (5) or more races have been completed, a boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores excluding her worst score.
    1. Decisions of the Protest Committee (PC) will be final as provided in rule 70.5. However, a decision following a hearing under rule 69.2(a) may be appealed.
    2. Contact information provided at registration, including cell phone number for the helm of each boat entered will be provided to the chair of the PC and the PRO in the event of a protest.
    3. Rule 65.2 INFORMING THE PARTIES AND OTHERS is changed as follows:

A party to the hearing is entitled to receive the above information in writing, provided she asks for it in writing and hand-delivers her request to a member of the protest committee no later than the protest time limit on the last day of racing or one hour after being informed of the decision, whichever is later. The committee shall then, within two hours, hand-deliver the information to the party, including when relevant, a diagram of the incident prepared or endorsed by the committee.

  1. Rule 66 REOPENING A HEARING is changed as follows:

66.1 The protest committee may reopen a hearing when it decides that it may have made a significant error, or when significant new evidence becomes available within a reasonable time. A party to the hearing may ask for a reopening no later than 24 hours after being informed of the decision. When a hearing is reopened, a majority of the members of the protest committee shall, if possible, be members of the original protest committee and include at least one National Judge.

  1. Area Qualifier Reopening

(a)A party to a hearing of a protest or request for redress may request an Area Qualifier Reopening. The request shall be in writing and include the significant error that the party believes the protest committee made or the nature of the significant new evidence within a reasonable time. The request shall be made no later than 24 hours after the hearing or 24 hours after the protest time limit on the last day of racing, whichever is later. The request, along with copies of the original protest or request for redress, the facts found, the decision of the protest committee, any new evidence that cannot be presented verbally, and e‐mail and phone contact information for all parties to the hearing as well as the chairman of the protest committee, shall be sent by e‐mail to the US Sailing Championships Director, LizWalker@ussailing.org and the US Sailing Championships Chair, swmadero@aol.com.  The hearing shall be reopened when the foregoing information is received by the Director and the Chair.

(b)The protest committee for an Area Qualifier Reopening shall consist of the chairman of the original protest committee plus four certified judges appointed by US Sailing. A majority of the committee’s members shall be National or International Judges. The Championship Chair will appoint its chairman.

(c)An Area Qualifier Reopening will be conducted by telephone/VOIP conference call. The time and date for the conference call shall be established by the chairman as soon as practicably possible and no later than seven days after the request for reopening is e‐mailed. The chairman will e‐mail to the parties to the hearing the request for reopening, the facts found, the decision of the protest committee, the time and date of the hearing, the process for joining the call and any other relevant documents.

    1. Coaching:
      1. All types of coaching will be permitted during the clinic and practice races on June 30.  Teams desiring a coach are encouraged to contact the regatta organizers to be paired with a coach.
      2. No coaching will be permitted on July 1.  The racing will be Grade 3 (No coaches permitted) event.
    1. Competitors shall wear a US Coast Guard (USCG) approved personal flotation device (PFD) while on the water other than for brief periods while adding or removing clothing. The PFD shall depend 100% on foam for flotation and be the appropriate size for the sailor (US Sailing Regulation 10).  The PFD must be worn outside of all clothing except that a thin shirt may be worn over the PFD to prevent snagging.  These will be checked at registration.
    2. Electronic fluxgate compasses and GPS devices of all varieties, styles and combinations are specifically banned.
    1. All competitors are expected to maintain the highest levels of conduct throughout the entire event. Enforcement of discipline and conduct shall be conducted per rule 69.2(a) and the policies and procedures of US Sailing (Regulation 10 and 15.01).
    2. All competitors must provide a signed copy of the attached Code of Conduct
    3. No participant or competitor shall use, either on or off the water: marijuana or any other controlled substance or alcoholic beverages as defined by state and federal law.
    1. Awards will be made to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.
    2. The top finishing eligible crew will have their names engraved on the perpetual trophy.



  1. The top finishing, eligible team(s) will qualify for US Sailing’s Chubb U.S. Junior Sailing Championships. Registration may only be made by completing the online forms at: http://www.ussailing.org/racing/championships/youth/juniorchamps/
  2. Registrations shall be submitted online within three days of qualification unless permission is granted by US Sailing’s Junior Championship Chair.
  3. Other awards will be given at the discretion of the organizers.
    1. Competitors participate in the races entirely at their own risk. See RRS Rule 4, Decision to Race. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the races. Competitors will be required to sign a waiver and release at check-in.


    1. By participating a sailor acknowledges that he or she is solely responsible for his or her own safety and that of the crew and boat; that he or she represents that the boat and its equipment are in sound condition and all required safety equipment is aboard, accessible for use and in operable condition; that the decision to race, not to race, or to withdraw after starting is solely his or hers; and s/he hereby releases the organizing authority, its officers, trustees, and all members of the Race Committee, whether or not members of the organizing authority, from any and all liability or claims for personal injury or property damage or death resulting in participation in this event to the fullest extent permitted by law.


  1. Further Information
    1. Lightning Fleet #85: Chris Vann; cvann208@gmail.com; 860 460 7743
    2. Area B Rep: Robert Whittredge: whittredgr@aol.com; (570) 441-9737
    3. Junior Sailing Championships Committee Chair: Matt Dubois msdubois@sbcglobal.net; (734) 250-4496.

[1] This NOR makes reference to 2016 documents, including the 2012-2016 rules.  This NOR will be updated when 2017 information is available.