Old Salts Regatta
Buffalo Canoe Club – Fleet 12
Ridgeway, Ontario, Canada
August 30, 2017
  • 1ST PC - Ed Roseberry - Crew / PC - Curt Montgomery and Marcia Mathias
  • 2nd Wayne Knibloe - Crew / Laurel K. Holmes and Bob Straubinger
  • 3rd Allison Jones - Crew / Cheryl Day and Tim Noble
  • 4th  Dr. Rick Buckley - Crew / Joe Weppner and Dick Gaughan

Three well run races were achieved in breezy, changeable conditions. And so, kudos to Race Committee of PC - Joe Palumbo, Sr., Jean & PC - Jack Turner and a “host” of others. Brian Starck, Jack O’Donnell & Billy Neal were Mark- Set and Patrol-Boat.

Many family, friends and supporters were present for the racing, the “afterglow”, cocktails, dinner and the awards presentations.

Along with skipper & crew awards for the finishers a relatively new award was presented.

The late Stu Anderson was a former ILCA President, Southern Circuit Champion, Niagara Sailing Club member, BCC member, and universally revered Lightning sailor.  He is honored by a new Old Salts Regatta Award: The “Glockenspiel” Plaque. It was initiated to honor Stuey’s memory. It was provided by Billy Neal who crewed for Stuey, to this year’s recipient, Dr. Rick Buckley.

The award, The “Glockenspiel” Plaque, will be presented in the future to the “Senior Sailor,” the oldest competitor / skipper or crew, to compete in the regatta.

                     Old Salts Cannon - “Perpetual” Trophy                               Glockenspiel Plaque

BCC’s Old Salts Regatta / Background & History:

The “Old Salts Regatta,” for “Corinthians” over 50, has been sailed at the Buffalo Canoe Club in late August for 41 of the last 42 years. It was conceived and initiated in 1974 by the late Matt Bryant Sr. and the late John Y. Sloan Sr. The racing is done in Lightnings, with Jib & Main sails only. That is primarily to keep things simple and fun. But just as importantly to encourage experienced senior sailors, and senior non-sailors, who are not regular Lightning sailors to participate. The event includes three very competitive races on a mid-week afternoon; a cocktail and social gathering later, with the racers, family and friends in the Clubhouse. Then dinner and concluding with a very entertaining awards presentation afterward.