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By-Law Amendment

The proposed change to By-law ARTICLE VIII,  Par. 5 to add item vii. Shown in bold type.


a) Mandatory

     i) Ground tackle shall be fluke-type anchor weighing not less than 1.8 Kg  (4 lbs) with 15.24 M (50 Ft) of line attached. Variation may be made only by specific permission from the Chief Measurer when local conditions dictate.

    ii) Compass

    iii) Bucket with a capacity of one gallon

    iv) Throw-able like preserver or cushion with an attached whistle

    v) Paddle

    vi) other life-saving equipment as required by government regulations.

    vii) A towline solely dedicated to towing and/or anchoring and readily available at all times. Line must be at least 15.24 M (50 feet) long with a minimum diameter of 9.54 mm (3/8 inches) and a minimum breaking strength of 1632.95 KG  (3600 Lbs).

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