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Bucking the Tide
Bucking the Tide
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$ 20.00   
Making do and discovering the wild New England and Fundy Coast in a $400 yacht.
Come aboard the sloop Leight, a wreck of a $400, 18' home grown cruiser that leaks like a White House aide, and join a crew as green as grass as they adventure along the dramatic New England and Bay of Fundy coast.

Worry your way through dungeons of fog with only a watch and a compass to find the way.  Man the sheets as the little (Lightning) sloop puts two thousand miles of dramatic coast under here keel.  Beach the half-pint vessel on lonely islands.  Feel the exhilaration and the doubts.  Cruise with whales, share breathtaking vistas of the bold Canadian seacoast, struggle against the world's highest tides, feel the wildness, excitement of discovery and mood of times past.  It's a journey you'll remember.
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