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Recent Articles
Recent Articles

About the Lightning

  • Design: Sparkman & Stephens, 1938
  • Over 15,000 built
  • More than 100 active Fleets worldwide
  • Length: 19'0" (5.8m)
  • Beam: 6'6" (2m)
  • Displacement: 700 lb (318 kg
  • Draft (board down): 4'11" (151.3cm)(board up): 5" (12.8cm)
  • Mast height: 26'2" (7.9m)
  • Sail area (main & jib): 177 sq.ft. / spinnaker): 300 sq.ft.
  • Crew (racing): 3

Recent Blogs

Recent Blogs
Recent Blogs

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Regatta Winners

Congratulations to Ecuadorians Jonathan Martinetti, John Birkett and Francisco Almeida the 66th South American Champions. It came down to the last race and Martinetti prevailed over Team Robles from Chile. Team Velez from ECU finished third. 
Dec 16-18                               Final Results                  
Results from Copa Pacifico are now posted. 
Dec 12-13                                    Redults
Results from Salinas Tomie Regatta are now posted 
Dec 12-13                            Results
Steve Hayden and his crew of Kurban Ali and Amy Simonsen won the Sanford Sailfest. Only one day of light air racing. Team Beckmann was second and Team Gresham was third. Full results coming soon. 
Dec 4-5                                          
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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
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