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Recent Articles

About the Lightning

  • Design: Sparkman & Stephens, 1938
  • Over 15,000 built
  • More than 100 active Fleets worldwide
  • Length: 19'0" (5.8m)
  • Beam: 6'6" (2m)
  • Displacement: 700 lb (318 kg
  • Draft (board down): 4'11" (151.3cm)(board up): 5" (12.8cm)
  • Mast height: 26'2" (7.9m)
  • Sail area (main & jib): 177 sq.ft. / spinnaker): 300 sq.ft.
  • Crew (racing): 3

Recent Blogs

Recent Blogs
Recent Blogs

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Regatta Winners

Close racing for the Ohio District Championship with 1st place Kurt Andrews, Mike Mirarchi, Andy Creamer.  2nd place Joe Hunt, Amy Hunt, Lisa Austin.  3rd place Don Schregardus, Tim Traber, George Auer.
June 29-30  Results
Midwest District Championship winners - 1st place Steve Harris, Steve Harris, Greg Harris.  2nd place Craig Pomeroy, Erika Carne, Liv Lampone. 3rd place Doug Wake, Kirsten Myer, Finn Tait.
June 29-30 Results

Dixie District Championship & Doc Gilbert Potomac Cup winners - 1st place Trevor Prior.  2nd place Aaron Boesenecker.  3rd place Joe Buczkowski.

June 29-30 Results
Congrats to the top 3 finishers at the Central Atlantic District Championship.  1st place Mitch Hnatt, Ryan Stagaard, Ginger Hnatt.  2nd place Jody Lutz, Jason Lutz, Jonathan Lutz.  3rd place Will Brown, Cole Buczkowski, Ryan Hoffman.
June 29-30 Restults
8 Races with a 3 point difference for the top 3 teams at the Winter Championship #2 Junior Selec Reagatta.  Congrats to team Benjamin Guzman, German Novion & Agustin Campos with 18 points in 1st place.  2nd place team Nicolas Halles, Pedro Pablo Parada & Elisa Schongut with 19 points and 3rd place with 21 points team Rafaela Savatore, Walter Malsh & Jorge Urzua.
June 22                           Results
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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
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