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Gift/Membership Coupon Instructions

Members can purchase a Gift Membership Coupon to pay for a membership that is not their own.

To do this, log in as a member.

In your Member Profile, under the Financial/Historical Data Heading,

Click on the Gift/Membership Coupons Link.


Click on the  Add Gift Coupon button

Select Type: Gift/Membership Coupon
Select # of Codes:  1, 2 or more
Enter Coupon Value (for each coupon - not total purchase value): 
            10 for Crew Membership, 30 for Associate, 55 for Active Boat/Owner
*If you wish to purchase different coupon values, finish the process for the first value 
            and then select Add Gift Coupon again and repeat the process with the different value. 

Complete Payment Process

Once Paid for, Share this coupon with the intended recipient. 
        Select the envelope "Send/Resend Email" icon
Enter the email address for the intended recipient.
In the personal message box ask them to Join/Renew their ILCA Membership using the Gift/Membership Coupon Code. 

If that person has been an ILCA Member anytime since 2013 they can use the Member Login button on the home page to renew their membership. If they do not have login information, they can select “Forgot Username/Password” from the Member Login screen. Enter the email address that the Class would have used to email them in the past. If recognized, they will receive a new email with login information. If no match, then from the Home Page, Select Membership tab, then Information link. Click on the Member Signup button.  

Upon Checkout they can enter the gift coupon code that was emailed to them in the "Apply Codes" box and there should be no payment required by them if they choose the membership level that corresponds to the coupon value. 

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