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Boat Grant Program

2017 Lightning Boat Grant Skipper – Nikka Stoger
Crew - Courtney Rizzuto and sisters Scotia and Jean Evans

Nikka Stoger, from Neebing, Ontario, Canada, started her sailing career in 2012 and quickly realized the sport of sailing was her passion. She obtained CANsail levels 1-4 and became an instructor for Sail Thunder Bay in Ontario, Canada. Nikka sails both keelboats and Lightnings at Temple Reef Sailing Club, home of Lightning Fleet #279 and is currently a fourth-year student at Lakehead University in the Honors Bachelor of Science Forestry Program.

Her crew is Courtney Rizzuto who is also a sailing instructor for Sail Thunder Bay and a graduate of the Royal Canadian Navy sailing program. Rounding out the crew are sisters Scotia and Jean Evans who are both lifelong Lightning sailors at TRSC.

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