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Boat Grant Program

2008 Lightning Boat Grant Skipper – Nick Farina
Crew - Elizabeth Henry-Hooker, Reeve Dunn

Nick Farina

Nick grew up sailing on Lake Champlain in Vermont and moved to Boston for college.  At Brandeis University, he was captain and skipper of the Varsity sailing team helping to qualify for 3 New England Championships.  During the summers, Nick returned to Vermont where he was the head sailing instructor for the a Junior program at the Mallets Bay Boat Club. 

It was at this time that Nick was introduced to Lightnings, sailing with fellow instructor and Junior sailor, Bretton Gardner.  Nick crewed for Bretton as well as other Vermont Lightning sailors for 5 years before moving to Colorado to pursue his PhD in Molecular Biology at the University of Colorado at Boulder. 

Through the help of Steve Davis, Nick began sailing Lightnings in Denver, bringing 3-4 women in his program down to Cherry Creek to learn to sail.  At the end of this summer, Nick skippered his first NAs in San Diego with Mike Ledger and Ashley Jerman, winning the Presidents fleet.  Unfortunately, the summer of 2007 did not end so well as he broke his neck.  At 26, Nick is excited to test out his fortified neck and anticipates to a great season of sailing.

Elizabeth Henry-Hooker

Elizabeth also grew up in Vermont just north of Malletts Bay where she spent most of her 24 years enjoying beautiful Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains.  However, it was not until she met Nick that took she full advantage of the water and learned how to sail. 

Elizabeth moved to Boulder in the fall of 2005 with Nick and has taken an avid interest in dinghy sailing.  Over the last two summers, she raced Lightnings at Cherry Creek Yacht Club in Denver, learning all positions on the boat.  Toward the end of this past summer, she was excited and confident enough to skipper in weekly fleet races. 

Elizabeth attended school in Vermont, and is currently finishing a degree in fine arts focusing on photography at the University of Colorado at Boulder.  She plans on refining both her sailing skills and on water photography, especially since Lightnings look great under full sail.

Reeve Dunn

Reeve is a 19 year old sophomore mechanical engineer at Tufts University where he has sailed the last two years as skipper. Reeve grew up in Colorado and began sailing at the age of ten.  After four years of recreational sailing Reeve began racing competitively in the Colorado area experiencing a myriad of dinghy boats. 

Through the persuasion and aide of Steve Davis, Reeve started sailing Lightings in 2005 as part of a junior team in the Junior NAs in Milwaukee.  He focused primarily on the Lightning and the FJ the following season, competing in both Junior and Open NAs as a skipper in San Diego, as well as competing at FJ nationals in San Francisco Bay.  After that summer, Reeve joined the Tufts sailing team as a freshmen immediately improving all aspects of his sailing. 

This past summer he was a 420 coach  at Pequot Yacht Club in Connecticut and competed again in the International FJ Nationals and Worlds where he and Ian McKenzie won both Junior and US fleet divisions at nationals.  After sailing inAnnapois last August, Reeve is looking forward to the North Americans this summer in Newport.

2008 Racing Schedule

Definite Regattas:
3/8-16             Southern Circuit (Savannah, Miami, and St. Petersburg)
4/5-26             DSA Thawout Series – Cherry Creek – Denver, Colorado – Every Saturday
5/8-7/10         DSA Spring Dinghy Series – Cherry Creek – Denver, Colorado – Every Thursday
5/24-25          DSA Hornblower Regatta – Cherry Creek – Denver, Colorado
5/31-6/1        Carter Open – Carter Lake, Lyons, Colorado
7/17-24          DSA Summer Dinghy Series – Cherry Creek – Denver, Colorado – Every Thursday
8/21-9/18       DSA Summer Dinghy Series – Cherry Creek – Denver, Colorado – Every Thursday
7/26-27           Atlantic Coast Championships – Rock Hall Yacht Club
8/8-14             North American Championships – Newport, Rhode Island
9/7                   DSA Commodore's Cup – Cherry Creek – Denver, Colorado
9/20-10/25     DSA Frostbite Series – Cherry Creek – Denver, Colorado – Every Sunday
10/25               Pumpkin Bash – Cherry Creek, Denver, Colorado
7/26-27           Atlantic Coast Championships – Rock Hall Yacht Club

Possible Regattas:
6/14-15          Wyoming's Governor;s Cup – Lake Alcova, Wyoming
9/6-7              Colorado Sail & Yacht Club Columbus Day Regatta – Chatfield Reservoir – Denver, CO

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