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Boat Grant Program

2008 Lightning Developmental
Colin Kirby, Ian Turnipseed, Sam Athey

Colin Kirby

is a junior at Loudoun Valley High School in Purcellville, Virginia, where he is a member of the Varsity Lacrosse team at Valley.
He sails Lightnings on the Potomac River regularly with Fleet 50.

As a true Northern Virginia native, Collin enjoys leisurely activities such as fishing and hiking. Also is a very competitive athlete and enjoys competing in pretty much any sport.
Ian Turnipseed

was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. He is currently attending Loudoun Valley High School as a junior and plays soccer as a hobby.

He is very competitive in recreational games such as badminton, ping-pong, and racquetball. I guess you could say he’s handy with the paddle.
Sam Athey

lives in Loudoun County, Virginia.  He is a seventeen year old junior at Loudoun Valley High School where he is a member of the Varsity soccer team.

Sam started sailing Lightnings with fleet 50 in the fall of 2006.

2008 Racing Schedule


11            PRSA Spring Series #5
18            PRSA Spring Series #6
24–25     PRSA Spring Regatta

1              PRSA Spring Series #7
8              PRSA  Spring Series #8
14–15      Dixie District Championships

4–6         70th Anniversary Regatta

4–7         Junior North American Championship

6–7        Leukemia/Presidents Cup
14          PRSA Fall Series #1
21          PRSA Fall Series #2
28 PRSA Fall Series #3

5            PRSA Fall Series #4
12          PRSA Fall Series #5
19          PRSA Fall Series #6
26          PRSA Fall Series #7

2            PRSA Fall Series #8
8–9        Hampton Fall Fling

Wednesday and Thursday PRSA Summer Races

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