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Boat Grant Program

200 Lightning Boat Grant Skipper – Guy Tawney
Crew - Andrew Eyring, Lauren Marks

Guy Tawney

My crew and I are very excited about sailing our new lightning this summer and can’t wait to begin. 

When we first heard about the Lightning Boat Grant Program, we were in shock at the idea that a class would be lending out boats entirely free of charge for the entire duration of the summer, and knew that this was something we had to apply for.  Knowing that with the help of the mentor, one of the highlights of the program, at the end of the summer we would have considerably improved in our sailing ability and become a part of a great class of sailors. 

Now that we have been awarded one of the boats, we plan on racing the boat regularly and look forward to competing with as many Lightning sailors as possible. 

We would like to thank the Lightning Class and all the people who have worked on the Boat Grant Program for making this opportunity available to us, and can not wait to start sailing in a class that we can only hope to be a part of for a very, very long time.

Andrew, Lauren and I have been sailing and working together for three years at the Down Town Sailing Center in Baltimore, Maryland, where we have both competed in small keelboat racing and taught younger sailors then ourselves how to sail. 

They have also sailed together on two PHRF boats, all around the bay, one of which is driven by Andrew and was a close contender for the highpoint award. 

Lauren is currently a senior in high school and an aspiring collegiate sailor next year at Washington College.

Andrew has been a member of his high school’s varsity sailing team and is also a senior in high school, heading to Tulane next year where he too will be joining his school’s team.  I am currently a freshman at Washington College where I am a member of both the dingy and offshore sailing teams.

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