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Boat Grant Program

2008 Lightning Boat Grant Skipper – Stephen Waldie
Crew - David Gelston, Tej Trevor Parekh

Stephen Waldie

My Goals:
  • Improve my tactical skills.
  • Promote challenging, competitive sailing among the youth sailors in our area.
  • Perform at a competitive level against the best sailors in the class.
I have done an extensive amount of sailing as a youth sailor across a number of classes including the 29er, 49er, I14, Fireball, 420, Optimist, Byte and the Shark. I would like to use this opportunity to learn as much as I can about a new class and improve my tactical and strategic skills, learning from some of the best sailors at our club and around the northeast.

Furthermore, I would like to inspire some of the younger sailors at our club to continue sailing in different classes and beyond their youth careers. I Hope to have respectable results in the Lightning and will absorb all information that is given to me from my peers and competitors. I would like to thank the ILCA for the opportunity to sail in the lightening fleet for the summer and hope that everyone will be proud of our achievement and hard work.

David Gelston

My Goals:
  • Improve my technical racing skills.
  • Help promote the fleet to young sailors looking for a fun, competitive class.
  • Travel and participate in many of the regattas held in the northeast.
I have recently been sailing in the college circuit and coming from a skiff background I hope to re-enter the world of competitive sailing from a more technical angle. The opportunity to travel and compete against sailors from all over the continent is a great way for me develop as a sailor as well as help spread interest in the Lightning class. The Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club has a solid fleet, but there isn’t as much youth participation as there could be. The Lightning is a great boat to sail after young sailors have had some experience in the youth program the club offers. Personally this is a great chance for me to sail with two other great sailors and use the experience I gain over the summer to carry over into other classes.

Tej Trevor Parekh

Goals for the summer:
  • Having fun in a popular class.
  • Developing youth interest in the class in our region
  • Cross training for other classes and big regattas.
I have recently come off a competitive schedule of skiff sailing in the 49er class. At this point I’d like to take a step back and have fun in a more relaxed, friendly atmosphere while still competing and doing my best.

The Lightning is a popular class across North America with plenty of great events. I’d like to sample as many as possible to meet people involved in the Class and to make those contacts. From there, I’d like to help develop the youth sailors at our club and on our lake. We have a solid Lightning fleet at the Royal St Lawrence Yacht Club, and I’d like to get the younger sailors involved. This is to help ensure the survival of the Lightning fleet at our club and to ensure success at the 2008 Lightning Youth Worlds, which will be held at our club.

Finally, I’d like to use the racing experience we gain this summer as a form of cross training for other classes. The Lightning may move slower than a skiff, but you can definitely learn a lot, especially in fleet tactics.

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