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Gears in the Lightning

by Greg Fisher
(0–6 mph)
Jib sheet Inch outside spreader tip At spreader tip
Jib Lead On the trimline On the trimline
Jib cloth Eased so wrinkles along luff Wrinkles along luff
Backstay Eased so barely sloppy Slack just removed
Traveler 4 inches to windward Centered
Cunningham Eased so wrinkles head to tack Wrinkles head to tack
Outhaul Eased so the foot seam is 2.5 inches off the side of the boom in the middle 1.5 inches off the side of the boom
Mainsheet Eased so the upper batten open 15 degrees Batten open 5 degrees

Medium Wind
(6–12 mph)
Jib sheet At spreader tip to 1.5 inches in 2.5 inches–3.5 inches inside tip
Jib lead Trimline Trimline
Jib cloth Wrinkles barely Wrinkles barely
Backstay Slack removed Taut
Traveler Centered Centered
Cunningham Wrinkles in bottom half only Wrinkles in bottom half only
Outhaul 1.5 inches off boom .5 inches off boom
Mainsheet Batten open 5 degrees Batten parallel (hooked 5 degrees for max pointing)

(12+ mph)
Jib sheet Batten inch spreader tip Batten 1 inch inside to 3 inches inside spreader tip
Jib lead Trimline 2 inches aft of trimline
Jib cloth Smooth Wrinkles barely
Backstay Taut plus 2–5 inches Taut plus 3–6 inches
Traveler Eased to balance helm Eased to balance helm
Cunningham Luff smooth Wrinkles barely
Outhaul Seam along side boom Very tight
Mainsheet Batten open 15 degrees Parallel to open 10 degrees
Vang Taut Hard (boom out like barn door)


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