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A Couple of Our Favorite Books

My personal favorite,
by Alan Brown
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Check out this book.  The Small-Boat Sailor's Bible by Hervey Garrett Smith over at Amazon.  
This book was originally published in 1964 and is an excellent resource for the new Sailor.  I have
read it several times and pick up something new each time.  He even helps you pick a boat.  While
we know you have or will pick a Lightning, he tells you what to look for and what to watch out for.
Here are some of the subjects he covers:

Chapter 1
Choosing Your First Boat
Chapter 2
New or Used Boat
Chapter 6
The Racing Sailboat
Chapter 9
Learning to Sail
Chapter 12
The Rigging
Chapter 13
The Sails: Mainsail and Job
Chapter 15
Chapter 18
The Compass
Chapter 20
Marlinspike Seamanship
Chapter 21
Water Safety

It is out of print but there are usually 10 or 15 used copies for sale on Amazon.  I found mine on eBay for $3.00.  Pick up a copy and get started on the right tack today!

Another Source:

Applegate Boatworks

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