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Paul Bennett from Shoe String Shipyard has graciously agreed to help us out with boat related questions that we all face when building or restoring wooden boats.

"Definition. . .boat (bot), n.- a hole in the surface of the water, into which money is thrown." Sign in Paul's Boat Shop.

Please direct any question you may have to me using this address at I will act as moderator for Paul so we don't overwhelm him or ask the same question over and over again. To the left you will see a growing list of relevant correspondence with Paul. Paul is a Naval Architect and has a degree in marine engineering, earned an engineering license, went back to school for naval architecture, worked in the marine industry for many years (commercial ships—tankers, freighters, et. al.), and later moved down to yacht and small boat design.

Paul specializes in designs for first time novice home boat builders that become stock plans for sale on his web site. He also offers sophisticated custom yacht designs for professional builders.

Please visit his website at

Feel free to contact me at:

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