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Lightning Class Association

2015 Classic Boat Event

Classic Boat Get Together

Keuka Yacht Club – Keuka, New York
Champagne Regatta
Central New York District – Fleet 252
July 10-12, 2015
We are getting closer to July 10-12 and I have an update for everyone.

First off, The Finger Lakes Boating Museum has offered to host a reception and tour of the museum Fridayevening at 5:00 PM. I suggest we all to try to arrive in Hammondsport early to mid afternoon on Friday. We will help each other get the boats set up and then go to the reception which is about a 10 minute car ride from the Yacht Club. The museums collection includes some breathtaking sail and power boat restorations, and is housed in the old Taylor Wine facilities. Following the reception I'm sure many of us will head to downtown Hammondsport for dinner at one of the several Restaurants and / or Pubs.

Saturday we will have two races (the modern boat fleet will have 3 or 4). After completing our two races on Saturday we will have time for day sailing. As always at our events no one is obligated to race at all, or to compete in all the races. Just participate to the level you wish.

As a group we have extended an invitation to the 'intro to sailing' participants from the Museum's program to join us for some sailing during the afternoon. Tentatively beginning around 2:00 PM, depending on our two races and the conditions at the time. This is also a time where we might jump on each others boats to see how we each have set them up and sail them. The more limited racing format (3 scored races) with increased day sailing time was a change from our past event format that many people suggested, and we have decided to give it a try this year.

Saturday evening the club has its annual Champagne Regatta dinner and time to relax in this beautiful setting along Keuka Lake.

On Sunday we will be having just one race, perhaps a longer one if the Race Committee has sufficient resources to support it and favorable weather conditions. Upon completion of that there will be more day sail time, before we come in and pack up.

Our own Doug Dixon is once again building the awards for this years event. He has come up with a model we don't think has ever been done before. Not a done deal yet, but I think we will be preparing awards for the top two overall, the top 2 with a wooden mast, our much prized award for Restoration, and of course our very special lamp. We'll have a couple other special awards as well.

I also have to mention that two of our families will this year be celebrating their wedding anniversary's with us. Craig & Sue Thayer and Roger and Gage Slade.

One more thing. Several people I believe still need crew. If you have some extra friends or family members interested lets share that information with each other.

See you all soon!

Bob Astrove

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