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#6350 — Uncle Mills Sails Again!

Uncle Mills is an Old Greenwich built by Skip Etchells in 1956 that I rebuilt, refinished, refurbished. Now I'm rehabilitating it after the long and arduous process.

Having sailed the boat frequently some 30 years ago with her second owner, I tracked her down and tried to bring life back to the grand old boat and restore her back to the way she was as I remembered her.

I had digital photos of the boat before, during, and after refurbishment, but unfortunately lost them all when my computer crashed. After much work, I got the boat sailable again and we raced her last summer and did surprisingly well, with the boat sailing better than us on most occassions. We may not have always been the fastest boat, but we were by far the best looking. Now it's time to bring her back into the garage for the annual face lift that wooden boats need to have, and get ready for another season.

Remember, it's not how you feel, but how you look, and old Uncle Mills looks marvelous.

Cort Steck, St. Petersburg, FL

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