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#6633 — Ken Jones' Asa Nisi Masa

I have #6633 named "Asa Nisi Masa." I'll be sailing her next year out of my home marina in Driftwood Key, Hansville, Washington. So far I'm the only Lightning.

She was built by Nichols Holman in Fenton MI in 1957 and raced by Nichols himself for a year. Then she was raced in the Midwest circuit for several years under the name "The Menace." She's always been right on the specs and very fast. Cedar hull, spruce spars, and mahogany rudder, seats, and thwarts. She has a wooden mast but not the one it came with.

I bought her in 1973. She's basically a classic though I have her pretty well updated with Harken blocks, Barber haulers, etc. Really in great shape, more or less in mint condition I guess. (Always checking for dry rot of course)

I'm just getting back into sailing after 20 years of inactivity. Good to be in touch with other "Woodies." Like to hear about your boats.


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