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2016 News Archive

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  • 8 Bells: Lyla Bogardus. The Lightning Family sends sympathy to the entire Bogardus Family. Young Lyla's attitude and courage is an inspiration to all.  Love For Lyla

  • 8 Bells: John Cuccio Sr. from Cedar Point Fleet 126. Tribute to John and how he shared his love for the Lightning

  • 8 Bells: Herb Jestel from Pymatuning, Fleet 36. Read how Herb contributed to the Lightning Class and Fleet 36.

  • Meet the new 5th Executive Committee Member: Ryan Ruhlman, Fleet 36 Pymatuning Yacht Club. The Governing Board has elected Ryan Ruhlman as the 5th Executive Committee Member. Ryan currently serves on the Governing Board as an Assistant Measurer and has served in this position for ten years. 

    "It is hard to put into words what this opportunity means to me.  The Lightning Class has been part of my life since well, it began.  This class, filled with friends and family from around the world, is (to borrow a phrase from Rob) not something I do, but it is part of who I am.  Of all the good times on and off the water, the thing I enjoy most is having been able to bring my wife, Tesse into the class, and our two children in the future.  Being part of the EC allows me the opportunity to continue these great traditions, be part of moving us forward, and ensuring that the class will be there for many more generations."  Ryan Ruhlman

  • 2016 Florida Winter Series - Sail all winter leading up to the Southern Circuit!

  • It is with great sadness that we report the passing of David Thompson, Commodore of the Denver Sailing Association, member of Lightning Fleet 488, and beloved alumni of Lightning Fleet 50. David crossed the bar September 22, 2016 from complications due blood clots in his lungs. His wife Barbara is surrounded by their children. Fellow Fleet 488 member Bill Cabrall as referred to David as “The Greatest Sailing Club Commodore in the World” for his unwavering dedication to the Denver Sailing Association, Fleet 488, and the Lightning Class for many years. In addition to his support of Fleet 488, he and Barb also spent over 15 years with Fleet 50. There too David was recognized as a true Conthrian and was well respected by all of us who sailed with/against him. He will be sorely missed. A Memorial Service is planned for 10:00am on Friday, September 30 at Pax Christi Catholic Church, 5761 McArthur Ranch Road Littleton, 80126. In lieu of flowers, Barb has asked that people please consider donating to the American Cancer Society.

  • Recap of Actions taken during the August meetings.

  • It is with deep sadness that we report the passing of ILCA Life Member Bruce Watters, September 11, 2016. Bruce was instrumental in St Petersburg Fleet 109. Watter's.  Full Obituary

  • It is with sadness that we report Frederick Bush, a longtime member of Susquehanna Yacht Club, Fleet 253, passed away August 18. Fred learned to love the water and developed navigational and seamanship skills in the Coast Guard. While working in New Bedford, Massachusetts, and living in the Buzzards Bay town of Mattapoisett, he began sailing.

    After moving to Lancaster he began crewing in Lightning Class sailboat races at the Susquehanna Yacht Club at Long Level and purchased his first Lightning in 1964. In 1992, shortly after retiring from the New Era, the family also purchased a 30-foot cruising sloop, which they kept on the Chesapeake Bay. Fred raced at the Susquehanna Yacht Club and in regattas on the Chesapeake Bay. He served as Commodore of the Dixie District, as well as at the SYC. For more than forty years, he taught Coast Guard-certified, introduction-to-sailing classes.

    Fred and his wife Kay had four children: Carolynn, Nancy, William and Robert. Robert “Bob” and his wife Anne Sterling are also long-time Lightning members, now living in Wilsonville, Oregon, and sailing Lightnings with the Pacific Northwest District.  Full obituary

  • On behalf of the Michigan Lightning District, we wish to offer our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Roy Salisbury, who passed away August 21. While many of us did not get the opportunity to know him, we share a common bond in our love for sailing and the sport. A celebration of life for Roy will be held at Ford Yacht Club Sunday, September 25th between 1:00 pm-4:00 pm. Those that knew Roy are welcome to stop by and share stories or just visit with the family. Please feel free to pass along to your crews. Many from Lightning Fleet 233 plan to be in attendance.

  • NA's Blog - Stay up to date on all things having to do with the NAs - subscribe NOW!

  • Robert J. Robinson sailed across the final finish line on Thursday, May 26th in Buffalo, NY at the age of 79 years. A life-long sailor, Bob was always the type to be a quiet guiding force behind the scenes. During a time when Buffalo Canoe Club (Ridgeway, Ontario) had started to drift away from its sailing and racing roots, Bob kept a firm hand on the helm, coming back to the Board after his term of Commodore to serve as Fleet Captain for several years so as to insure that racing, notably one-design, was the focal point of the club. Over the past 20 years, Bob has been serving as the club’s lead Race Officer, particularly involved with Fleet 12 and the Lightning Class. Bob’s son, Kevin Robinson, is the current BCC Commodore. Bob’s vision and leadership will be missed.

  • World Champion David Starck coaches Lightning Lab in Salinas, Ecuador.

  • 2016 Boat Grant Recipient Press Release

  • Proposed Amendment to Lightning Plans and Specifications: Jib Window to be voted on at August Governing Board meeting in Rochester, New York.

  • Lal Burridge: 1930-2016

    It is with sadness we share the passing of Lal Burridge on Saturday, March 26 while in hospice care after a brief fight with aggressive lymphoma. He has crossed the finish line and is awaiting us at the hoist and bar!
    He bought his first lightning #7503 in 1966 looking for a relaxing endeavor to take his mind off of trying lawsuits. At that time he did not know you could race boats and his natural competitive streak became satisfied with roaming the country and later the world competing in Lightning with youngsters.  He sold his last Lightning in '97 #14229 to try Laser sailing but continued to take part in the ILCA circuit crewing or manning a mark set boat until the 2009 US Sailing Championship of Champions held in Lightning’s at Carlyle Sailing Association.

    Besides being a VP of ILCA for 15+ years, he was also editor of the yearbook, the Masters Champion in 1985 and District Champion in 1987 - winning all the races in a borrowed boat. He also competed in the '81 and '87 Worlds crewing for me and later in '89 with Bob Smither. Lal also served on the International Jury for the 1977 Worlds and famously sailed with Bill Faude on his inaugural sail in a Lightning in St. Pete. Lal and I enjoyed time in the boat, on land and the hours of dashboard time that came with chasing Lighting regattas all over North America and elsewhere.

    In much the same style as his great friend Jim Carson, Lal sought talented youth and focused on having fun while racing well. Terry Burke, Rick Bernstein, Dan Moriarty, Scott Zerban, David Jones, Meredith Jones, Ned Sher, Marc and Ian Shillebeeckx, Bart Snyder, Tobi and Stacy Heisler, Greg Florian and Betsy Allison were all part of teams that Lal cobbled together along with me over the years. There are so many stories of midnight break downs by the side of the road that his metal vice on the trailer tongue became a regular stop on the circuit for many years.

    Please drink a toast to the spirit of Lal and thank you all for having been such a positive part of his life.

    God Bless the Lightning Class,
    Matt Burridge
    14834 - Yeti 
    In upcoming days the Post - Dispatch will have his obituary and notice of an upcoming memorial service at St. Michael and St. George on Wydown.

  • Call for Bids Announced - The ILCA is currently looking for hosts for the 2017 and 2018 North American Championships.

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