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John Cuccio, Sr. - Cedar Point, Fleet 126

It is with fond memories that I report the passing of John Cuccio Sr.  

John was the spark plug for Lightning racing at Cedar Point Yacht Club (CPYC) in the 70’s and 80s.  If you set foot on the club grounds with the possibility of joining a fleet or buying a boat, you probably left with a membership application and firm plans to buy a Lightning.  It was this drive that helped CPYC Lighting Fleet 126 win the International Lightning Class Association (ILCA) Steketee Trophy in 1983 (awarded to the North American fleet who has been outstanding in furthering the purpose of the ILCA in promoting and developing racing in Lightnings) with an increase in active members from 21 to 32 that year (Note: 20 boats qualified that year).  

John was also the NA’s Governor’s Cup champion in 1976 (held in Sheboygan, WI), a 3 time summer series winner at CPYC (1973 – 1975), and the first recipient of the H. Dayton Titsworth trophy in 1988 (awarded to the CPYC Lightning sailor who best demonstrates perseverance, character, and friendship).  

He raced with flair, whether it was the orange and yellow Lightning, the spinnaker with the Ferrari symbol, or the arrival for fleet racing in his bright red Ferrari.  

John’s legacy is carried on with Gianni, Nina (married to Dave Peck), and their families – all of whom have also made their mark on Cedar Point Yacht Club and the Lightning Class.  He will be missed!

Eric Heller

John Cuccio Sr. with the
Steketee Trophy in 1983

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