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2010 News Archive


  • Debbie Probst elected by Governing Board to serve on Executive Committee.

  • Laura Jeffers named new Executive Secretary for the ILCA. The class office has officially moved to Tarpon Springs, Florida. New phone number (727) 942-7969, Fax (727) 942-0173. E-mail remains the same,

  • After five years of extremely dedicated service, our Executive Secretary, Jan Davis, has elected to retire. Jan has done a marvelous job of restructuring the Class Office, and, while we will miss her service in the role of Class Secretary, the transition to a new Class Secretary should be a very smooth one, thanks to Jan’s wonderful organizational skills. It’s also important to note that Jan and Steve are not going anywhere. They will still be very much involved with the Class and on the regatta circuit!

    Now that Jan has made this decision, we need to move forward with selecting a new Executive Secretary. We are fortunate as a Class to have a relatively short list of dedicated individuals who have held this role in our 70+ year history. The stability and consistency that these folks have provided are a significant element in our enduring success as an organization.

    Several individuals have expressed interest already, based simply on the efficiency of the “grapevine.” This is the only formal announcement and request we intend to make at this point. For anyone interested in the position, contact either me or Jan. We will then forward an outline of the job’s responsibilities. If you’re interested, please respond quickly as we would like to resolve this process in the next thirty days.

    Jan or I, as well as the other members of the Executive Committee are available to address any questions you may have.

    Thanks again Jan!
    Rob Ruhlman

  • Executive Committee Ruling regarding qualification ratio for North American Championship.

  • It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Bruce Arnold, of Richmond Yacht Club.

  • George Andreadis Awarded Olympic Order

  • ICSA All Americans announced.

  • The Lightning Class is honored that US SAILING's Sears Cup and Adams Cup will both be contested in the Lightning this summer!

  • Lightning Labs

  • 2010 ILCA Budget

  • Safety Line

  • It is with great sadness we learn of the passing of John McIntosh, ILCA past president and founder of the Lightning Southern Circuit.

  • US Sailor Athletes, please register with US Sailing and represent the Lightning Class.

  • Containers of boats have gone to Chile and Finland!  It takes an International Village. International Lightning Class Association unveils International Fleet Development Initiative

  • Qualification Regattas identified for 2011 Pan American Games.

  • 2010 Boat Grant Recipients announced.

  • Ed Adams - Newcomer to the Lightning Class, sails the Southern Circuit and Wins!

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