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2010 Lightning Labs

Houston Yacht Club - Texas District Championship - April 23, Coach Skip Dieball
Contact: Clarke Newman  Ian Edwards

Green Bay Sailing Club, Midwest District Fleet 112 - May 22-23- Coach Brian Hayes
Contact: Mark Stevens or Doug Olson or call 920-366-0936

Susquehanna Yacht Club, Dixie Fleet 203, Fleet York, PA - May 23 -Coach Nick Turney
Contact: Trevor Prior

Guarapiranga Lake, Brazil Fleet 462, Sao Paulo, Brazil - Early September- Coach Marcus Eagan
Contact: John Bennett

A Lightning Lab is open to all interested sailors who would like to take advantage of the opportunity for both classroom and on-the-water coaching in Lightnings.  Coordination and financial support is provided by the International Lightning Class Association for these events.  If you would like to schedule a Lightning lab for your fleet please contact Todd Wake toddwake@aol.comLightning Labs are a great opportunity for "fleet building" and helping everyone have more fun on the race course.

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