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Lightning Fleet # 42 and North Cape Yacht Club
Selected to Host the 2011 North American Championships

The International Lightning Class Association is pleased to announce the selection of Lightning Fleet #42 and North Cape Yacht Club, LaSalle, MI as hosts for the 2011 North American Championships, including the North American Woman’s, Juniors' and Masters' Championships.

The exact dates of the Championships, to be held in early August 2011 will be announced as soon as they are available. As has been the custom in the Lightning Class, the Woman’s, Junior’s and Master’s North American Championships will be sailed in the week prior to the North American Championship.

Fleet #42 and North Cape Yacht Club last hosted the North American Championship events in 2002 and prior to that was host of the events in 1998.

More than 50 teams can be expected for three days of competition in the Woman’s, Junior’s and Master’s events, and as many as 100 teams can be expected for the North American Championships (which require qualification through a series of District Championship regattas). The racing will take place on the western end of Lake Erie where typical summer breezes are reliable and in the range of 5-20 knots. Summer temperatures are normally in the mid 70’s with water temperature typically at 65-70 degrees. The race courses are a 15-30 minute sail from the club, are unobstructed by land masses and subject to negligible current.

With the support of active, talented and dedicated members, North Cape Yacht Club has a long tradition of hosting and managing championship sailing events in a variety of classes, and can be counted on to do an outstanding job with the 2011 events for the International Lightning Class.

For more information on these events and all Lightning Class information please visit our website at: or call 303.325.5886.

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