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2011 World Championship - Búzios and the Iate Clube de Búzios-ICAB

It is with pleasure that the International Lightning Class Association and the ILCA Executive Committee announces that the ILCA has accepted the bid from the city of Búzios and the Iate Clube de Búzios-ICAB to host the 2011 International Lightning Class Association World and Masters World Championships. The ILCA is excited to for the opportunity to return to Brazil for our World Championship. Brazil offers a rich tradition in Lightning sailing and boasts a strong commitment to the ILCA which is reflected in both participation in many global ILCA events as well as a history of outstanding individual performances in World and regional Lightning events. Qualification details, regatta information and other pertinent information can be found at as it becomes available. Congratulations to the city of Búzio, the Iate Clube de Búzios-ICAB and the Brazilian District.

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