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Lightning Labs — 2008

What is a Lightning Lab?

A Lightning Lab is typically a two day sailing clinic aimed to improve skills for Lightning sailors of all abilities. It is run by a coach with extensive experience in the Lightning.  Boat handling drills, starting practice, tuning and sail trim are common themes. Video tape analysis of the day’s practice is also used.

Lightning Labs are a great opportunity for your fleet. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Sailors of all ability levels will benefit

  • Raise the level of competition in your fleet / district

  • Learn from some of the best sailors in the class

  • It’s a fun fleet activity

  • Have a party Saturday night after sailing

  • They force you to do the practicing you’ve been meaning to do for years

  • A chance to share ideas and techniques outside the competitive pressures of a regatta

  • The ILCA will help setup the Lab

  • The ILCA may help fund travel for the coach / instructor

Most sailors find that they can learn more in a two day Lab than a whole season of racing. With the help of a coach and video there is a chance to step back and get an unbiased evaluation of your sailing. No matter what your skill level there is always something to learn. A lab is also a real fleet building activity. Please contact me if you would like more information and/or schedule a Lightning Lab.

Todd Wake
ICLA VP Fleet Development and Lightning Labs

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