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Seeking Venues for the 2010 Lightning North American Championship

The Executive Committee seeks to establish possible venues for he 2010 North American Championship (NAs) and the 2010 Woman’s, Juniors', and Master’s (WJMs) Championship.  This event will be the American qualifier for the 2011 World Championship in Brazil.
  • A Midwest or Southern location is desirable but all locations will be considered.

  • The locations for the two events can be separate but should be in reasonable proximity.

  • Preferred dates are during the second week of August for the NAs and in the preceding week for the WJMs.

  • Organizing and running these events is lots of work, but fun and rewarding for an organizing committee, allows for lots of involvement by the local sailing community, provides the opportunity to showcase our outstanding boat and class, and can be a money maker for the local fleet.

  • Assistance is available from the Executive Committee, and from individuals within the class who have much experience.  We will literally coach you through the process and through the event.

  • Submissions will be considered between now and the Executive Committee meeting in St. Petersburg in early March 2009, at which time a selection of venue will be announced.

  • Please contact Todd Johnson, VP North Americans Liaison at or 202-302-2622

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