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North Americans Chartering Information

The Class Office has received preliminary requests for boats available for charter at the North American Championships and the Woman's Juniors Masters, both events in Newport, Rhode Island this coming August.

We anticipate an increasing call for boats as the events near and seek to (1) compile a list of available 14000-15000 series boats in good condition and race ready, which can be made available for either or both events, and (2) add to the list of individuals who may seek to charter a boat to sail at the North Americans or Woman's Juniors Masters Championships, or both.

Boats should be located within reasonable proximity Rhode Island.  Charter fees for such boats may range from $500-$1000 or more per event, dependent on condition and demand.

The Class Office will act as a clearing agent for interested parties by posting and updating information on available boats, as well as on persons seeking to charter.  All final arrangements will be between the parties involved.

Seeking Boats:

Skipper                                       Ideal Charter Would Be                    
Carlos Lecaro                             Nickels   
Juan Santos Xavier Monge        Allen
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