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70th Anniversary Regatta

Skaneateles Country Club/Fleet 1 — Skaneateles, New York

70th Anniversary Regatta
The Olin Stephens designed International Lightning Class held their 70th Anniversary Regatta during the 4th of July weekend at the home of Fleet #1, Skaneateles Country Club, in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of central New York State over a nearly perfect mid-summer weekend. 125 boats competed, from boat #2, up through new 15300 generation boats. The boat pictured at right, #39, was built in 1939. It was a major restoration project by Schyler Barnes that was literally finished the day before the regatta began.

The Regatta – Woodstock on the Water

The essence of this story is not about the regatta—the regatta was just an excuse for 125 boats to come together to celebrate the reasons the class remains strong and viable. There wasn’t much tie-dye in evidence, but there was a lot of peace and love—and a ton of fun. The Village of Skaneateles is celebrating its 150th Anniversary, and is about as nice a little town as you can find anywhere, with waterfront homes that range from nice weekend farm cottages to Newportesque “Cottages.”


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