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Boat Grant Program

2018 Lightning Boat Grant Skipper – Erik Elliott
Crew - Cabel Sitter and Abbey Pomeroy

Erik Elliott is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Madison and was a member of the University of Wisconsin Sailing Team for the entirety of his time spent in Madison. His Team includes fellow University of Wisconsin Sailing Team teammate Cabel Sitter, and longtime Lightning sailor Abbey Pomeroy. As recent college graduates, the three are looking for a competitive fleet to become involved in and believe that the Lightning Class will fit that need now and for years to come.

Elliott, spent time coaching sailing in Sturgeon Bay and skippered a Lightning at Junior North Americans in Sheboygan and Tawas Bay. Other than sailing a wooden Lightning with his dad as a kid, he knew little about the Lightning Class prior to these events. “The boats are fun and responsive to sail, and the level of competition is high. More importantly however, were the resources to learn more and better myself. Everyone was willing to go out of their way to help me learn, and I was inspired by the desire for the Class to help me improve myself. This is the atmosphere I am looking for in a lifelong class.

In my transition from a college sailing nationals level crew to a Lightning skipper I will need help, and I am confident that I will have the support to improve. This is what sets the Lightning Class apart in my eyes." This was the major reason he purchased a Lightning of his own after his Boat Grant Season was finished.
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