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From the ILCA President

The President's Challenge
By David Starck
Posted: 2024-04-17T20:26:00Z

The President’s Challenge….


Ok, I am officially challenging each of you reading this. Here’s the good news: these challenges are FUN and REWARDING. 


Challenge #1: you are responsible for helping 3 Teams to participate at the WJM NA’s: 1 Women's Team, 1 Junior Team and 1 Masters' Team from your Fleet/District. Start a dialogue with your fellow Lightning sailors and help make this a reality. It takes boats, people, equipment, and planning. Help find skipper’s, crew, chaperones, etc. Housing at WJM’s provided! Work at it, plan, plan, plan. Help make it happen. MAKE IT FUN.


Challenge #2: plan to attend at least 1 local/regional regatta this spring and 1 local/regional regatta this summer. Go to the ILCA Regatta Calendar and map out a plan. Talk to your teammates/sailing friends. It takes some planning ahead. The beauty is THAT IS FUN TOO. You might find the planning and traveling is as much fun as the regatta itself.

CLICK on the image below to hear about Regional Regattas

Regional Regatta Dave Starck Image

If you are interested in my sailing plans, I talked to my teammates, checked family schedules, and tentatively plan on sailing the following regattas: Pymatuning Spring Classic, CT/RI Districts, Champagne Regatta @ Keuka Lake, Canadian Open/Lake Erie Districts, Youth World Championship in Santiago, Chile (I’ll be watching), WJM NA’s, North American Championship, and U32 Invite (volunteering)

What are your sailing plans? Drop me a note. I’d love to hear from you.

As always, if I can help you get on the water and go Lightning sailing, let me know.


Dave Starck

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