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From the ILCA President

A Worlds to remember
By William C Bogardus
Posted: 2022-06-07T01:20:39Z

What an amazing week at Carolina Yacht Club. As I sit looking at my Pusser's Rum tin mug, I know it will be a week I will never forget. Top level competition, perfect weather, and tough but exceedingly fair conditions produced an outstanding World Championship. I was particularly proud that three boats sailing in the Pan Am configuration finished third, fourth and fifth. Part of the reason the Lightning remains in the Pan Am Games was the theory that teams sailing in the configuration could compete at regular Lightning regattas. The Worlds more than proved that out. In addition, the top five Worlds boats consisted of eight men and seven women. At the Worlds, there were seven different race winners over eight races, showing the broad strength of the fleet. Dave, Tom and Jenna are worthy champions, being together for five years as a team, sailing more than anyone else, their victory was truly deserved. The twelve extra boats allowed entry by the Executive Committee action in April definitely added to the fleet, allowing there to be 50 boats on the line. The hospitality, location and welcoming atmosphere at Carolina Yacht Club are second to none. Hopefully we will be back soon (maybe sooner than you might think, stay tuned).

The Masters had a number of compelling story lines. How many sailors can say they finished a race flipped over, only to right the boat, bail out, and do a come from behind victory to take the championship? Well that's just what Jody, Bill and Tom did (and Yay in absentia). Like the Worlds, five different race winners over six races. What was most impressive was how that Class came together to help Trevor. While most of us were at the opening ceremony of the Worlds, Tom Allen was on a small motorboat, directing a team on young Lightning sailors rescuing Trevor's capsized boat. I'm sure they all would have enjoyed the dinner and rum drinks, but in a family oriented Class, this is what happens. The boat was rescued with minimal damage, and the rescue team got some well deserved refreshments!

Peter Huston wrote an excellent write up on the regatta for Sailing Anarchy . He catches the true essence of the Class in his piece. People are noticing all the good things that are the Lightning Class. The Class that the really good people sail for fun.

Bill B


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