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From the ILCA Chief Measurer

Worlds preperations
By Joe Buczkowski
Posted: 2022-04-22T23:14:23Z

As we get closer to the worlds a few questions have come my way, which is normal and expected. So, as we get into the final few weeks prior to the Masters and Regular Worlds I have a few reminders for everyone-

First, measurement is not here to trick or play any games- we just want to make sure everyone is on a level playing field and we all meet the intentions of the Rules and Specifications. Over the next few weeks, I will be working with the measurement teams to iron out any procedures and questions. After which the measurements sheets will be finalized. I intend to publish them in my blog so everyone is ready. That said here are a few things right now to think about:

  • Country Letters on Mainsails. In accordance with our class rules and RRS appendix G Country letters are required on ALL mainsails in all World level events ( Masters, Youth and Regular). If you do not have Country letters contact your sailmaker and obtain them prior to arriving. Sails without Country letters will not be allowed.
  • All sails for competition will be measured- this includes sails that are from builders World Sailing has certified.
  • Weight of the boat- the class scale is the official measurement used. If your boat is close to the minimum please bring extra weight and be prepared to have it permanently fixed to the boat per class specs ( such as bolting or glue). Taping is not allowed, and weights will not be available from the host club. It is your responsibility to meet the requirements. Boats will be allowed to adjust weight within the time allotted for measurement. If measurement closes and your boat has not been met weight standards it will not be allowed to complete.
  • Any rework that must must be done to make a boat compliant with measurement must be completed prior to the end of measurement. We will not hold measurement open just for people to fix issues. If you need to fix an issues you will need to leave line, fix it and get back into line. We will not hold up measurement for other boats to allow for adjustments.
  • Ensure you have your measurement certificate. It will be required. If you cannot find yours contact Laura at the class office to procure a new one.
  • Ensure your safety gear is legal- including your anchor- it must be a fluke type anchor not a folding type. Your whistle must work- it will be tested.
  • Ensure your mast sticker is readable and visible, you have the required bands on your mast and boom, the pole is made of legal material and is legal length.

If anyone has any questions please contact me. I want the measurement process to be as painless as possible.


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