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From the ILCA Chief Measurer

North American Preparations ( WJM and Regular)
By Joe Buczkowski
Posted: 2023-07-30T02:21:40Z

Another North American's is upon us, and I am looking forward to it. The Jersey Shore is a fun place and sailing on Barnegat bay is always fun and a challenge. As a everyone prepares just a few reminders to All participants-

  1. Bring you measurement Certificate! I know Laura has put this out but I wanted to remind everyone.
  2. Since towing is an integral part of these events, please check your tow lines for wear and tear as well as proper length and thickness. (Nothing worse than having the boat in front of you break a line and even worse is being "that guy")
  3. If you play the weight game and are always right on the fringe of 700 lbs bring weight with you and adhesive to attach it to you boat.

Finally- For the junior division only- I intend to relax the requirement to have the same number on the main and the spinnaker. This is to help junior who may be borrowing sails get to the start line without the grueling process of changing numbers on a spinnaker. I will work with Metedeconk to have a notice posted.

I will be present for both weeks so if you have any questions or if you just want to chat come on by. I look forward to seeing everyone starting on Tuesday.


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