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From the ILCA Chief Measurer

2024 sailing is underway!
By Joe Buczkowski
Posted: 2024-03-28T00:24:06Z

I hope everyone had a great off season and now that the season is upon us with the completion of the Southern Circuit and Haley Hansen regattas everyone is planning and sailing in upcoming local and district events. I am personally an excited for our district events, the Master Pan American Games and the North Americans. Debbie and the team at BCC is really putting in a full effort to make this a great event and history says it will be. I remember sailing there as a junior in both the junior NA's and crewing in the regular NA's. Zach (my son) first NA's was at BCC so I always enjoy it and am planning a full family vacation around it this year with the rest of my family (the falls are great and the beach at the club for non sailors is relaxing)

To make it easier for everyone to attend - measurement this year will be simple with the goal of a one-day measurement process to encourage everyone to attend and not have to take too much time off work or away from family yet maintain the integrity of our class. Details to follow soon!

As we set our sights on the new season of fleet and district events, I encourage everyone to check their safety gear and double check their boats. nothing is worse than an unexpected breakdown or a rules violation when preventable.

As always if you have a question reach out to me or any of the assistant measurers. See you on the water soon!


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