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Youth World Championship

Youth Worlds Age Limit
By Debbie Probst
Posted on 8/21/2020 9:23 AM
The age limit for the Youth Worlds has been raised by 1 year for 2021 only.  During the recent Governing Board meeting, the following temporary amendment was passed:

Due to the postponement of the 2020 Youth Worlds to 2021, many of the sailors who had committed to attending the event in 2020 will be over the age limit in 2021 according to the current ILCA Document Governing All Sanctioned Lightning Class Championships.  In order to maximize participation and talent and maintain a positive relationship with these competitors, the following temporary amendment is proposed:


Current Wording:




1. The World Youth Championship shall be held in a different major geographical Area each time until each Area has either held the Championship or has declined to do so. Thereafter, the Championship shall be held in an Area which has not held it for the greatest length of time. 

2. The World Championship shall be held within the calendar year in the odd-numbered years. 


1. (a) Every country with organized yachting activity shall be entitled to two (2) Entries for the World Youth Championship. The Host Country shall be entitled to two (2) Additional entries. The Executive Committee may allocate additional entries on an equal basis to all Countries to provide twenty entries. 

    (b) Skippers and crew in the World Youth Championship must be ILCA members. 

    (c) Skippers and crew must be no older than 20; to clarify Skippers and crew may not turn twenty-one (21) years old during the year of the Championship.

Proposed Change for underlined segment:

(c) For the 2021 Youth Worlds Skippers and crew must be no older than 21; to clarify Skippers and crew may not turn twenty-two (22) years old during the year of the Championship.  This change is in effect for 2021 only.

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