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The Class is looking for Volunteers!

Laura Jeffers | Published on 6/12/2024

The Lightning Class is asking for volunteers who may have the time to help with a variety of projects to strengthen the Class and build our sailing community.  This is a great opportunity to give to the Class in ways uniquely suited to your individual strengths/interests.

What will we be doing?  There are a variety of projects ranging from simple outreach to Class members and help with administrative data cleanup to more strategic activities like developing marketing programs and helping build fleet strength and local regatta participation.  As an example, we are currently completing an initiative to update all our Fleet Captain information and quantify fleet activity to lay the groundwork for future projects. Part of that initiative has been to ask how the Class can help local fleets.  This is an important task and one where many voices need to be heard.

How will it work? First, we sent a short survey to all current members. We need to know who is willing to volunteer
. Then, as tasks are identified for which the Class needs help, from the identified group, we'll ask for volunteers for that task - similar to putting out an Uber call. We'll define the task and the number of hours we think it will take. There's NO commitment on your part unless you want to participate in a given task.

For now, we just want to know who might be interested in joining the Lightning LOYALS (Legions of Young-at-heart Avid Lightning Sailors).  Please take a few minutes to complete the survey that was emailed to all members on June 12th. If you have any questions or are not a current member but would like to volunteer please reach out
 to us at, or contact any member of our steering committee: Bertie Werley, Bob Astrove, Raeyane Farrell, Bill Cabrall, Bob Bush, Hugh Hutchison, Bob Shapiro, Sterling Bush.

Thank you for your time!

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