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2018 Central American and Caribbean Games

Published on 6/29/2018

Please find attached the report where CASCO states that LIGHTNING did not meet the requirement to be held.

Apparently, there were only 3 countries registered: SXM (Saint Marteen), MEX and COL not enough to meet the 5 boat minimum amongst the Central American and Caribbean Countries.  

Central American and Caribbean Games_participation quota

This effort did not go without some positive results. 

We have new Lightning Members from Saint Marteen who imported a boat and are excited about growing Lighting sailing there. Garth Steyn has a youth program called Kidz at Sea and they teach the kids to sail and build boats. They like the Lightning because it is easier to store and more fun to sail. It also provides a nice platform for beginning sailing up to more advanced racing. They hope to participate in regattas in the states in the future. 

We have also seen an rejuvenated interest in the Lightning from Mexican Sailors.

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