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Women find a home in the Lightning Class

Laura Jeffers | Published on 9/18/2020

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Women Sailors find a home in the Lightning Class

Are you a female sailor looking for the right mix of friends, family, camaraderie, and competition? Meet your perfect match – the International Lightning Class. With over 15,600 boats and 100+ active fleets, hear what women active in the Class have to say:

• “The Lightning class epitomizes fun, challenging and tactical sailing. It is a perfect platform to bring new people into racing especially girls and women as a typical team needs to be under 500 lbs.” –Cory Sertl

• “The Class is very inclusive when it comes to gender, age, ability, and experience. You routinely have 80-year-olds racing against 8-year-olds or teams of three girls versus teams of three guys. Everyone can be competitive and have fun, while all being treated as equals.” –Meredith Killion

• “Combining great friends, family, and tough competition is my favorite part of the Class” –Jody Starck

• “The Class builds family. Passionate sailors find their people, make lifelong friends and often meet their partner with whom they raise the next generation of sailors.” -Theresa Colantuono

• “The mentorship is incredible.” -Joy MacDonald

• “The Class really supports women sailors and provides opportunities where women can support each other. I love this Class!” –Lisa-Marie Lane

• “The Lightning Class really offers the best of all worlds for any sailor, of any gender. There are plenty of opportunities to sail, volunteer or contribute to class administration regardless of gender, age or level of experience.” –Debbie Probst

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