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Huntsman History Fund New Project

Laura Jeffers | Published on 9/22/2020

The Mary Huntsman History Fund Committee has just initiated a special project to make available the archives of our rich class history.
And we seek your support of this effort.

The Executive Committee approved an effort to complete the task of having all the old yearbooks professionally scanned and made available via the class website.  Perhaps even of greater value, this effort will also include all of the old newsletter publications of "Lightning Flashes". Which at one time was a 10 times per year publication mailed to all ILCA members. This project will also allow one to search an issue for a hull number, name or specific words without reading through the whole document. These publications date back to 1940 and will include well over 500+ new files being posted. 

Making these documents available via the internet will complete a task that has been requested by many and discussed for a long time.  It will be a tool to assist us in researching the history of our people and our boats.  It will document the evolution of modern sailing.  It is the treasure trove,  and will provide a great deal of just plain fun reading old story's and looking at the advertisements for products of days past!

To help make this happen we ask you to consider making a contribution to the Mary Huntsman History Fund of the Lightning Class Association.  Contributions can be made on line at :

Alternatively you can contribute by check to International Lightning Class Association, 1528 Big Bass Drive, Tarpon Springs, FL  34689.   Please include "History Fund" in the memo section on your check.

I don't often ask for money to support what we do for the Classic Lightning community.   But the opportunity to collect and share decades of our Lightning Class History is something I have great passion for, and on behalf of the History Fund Committee we need your help to make a reality.

Thank you,
Bob Astrove
ILCA V.P. for Classic Boats

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