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2023 North American Championship - Call for Bids

Laura Jeffers | Published on 12/8/2021

2023 North American Championship - Call for Bids - Deadline Extended to February 1, 2022
Bids are now being accepted to host the 2023 North American Championships. 
We are looking for one host that can hold the Women's, Junior and Master's North American Championships during the first or second week in August for 1-2 days of measurement/practice race and 3 days of racing.
We are looking for another host (or the same) that can hold the North American Championship either back to back or within a week of the WJM's. The time frame for the NAC is 2 day(s) for measurement/practice race and then 3-5 days of racing depending on racing schedule.
If you are interested in putting in a bid, please contact VP North American Championships, Josh Goldman or the Class Office for more specifics on racing schedule and proposed 
Deadline for bids has been extended to February 1, 2022. Announcement expected by April 1, 2022.

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