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2022 Boat Grant Application Deadline - Jan 21st

Laura Jeffers | Published on 1/13/2022

Lightning Boat Grant Program - 2022 Deadline January 21st. 

WE NEED YOUR HELP in sharing the news and encouraging local young people to apply! 
Help us encourage others to Be Like Jack...
“It is fun learning a new boat and the people in the Class are really friendly. Compared to collegiate dinghy’s the Lightning is a more dynamic and complex boat. The first time we felt the boat plane downwind, we all went silent with smiles plastered onto our faces.” – Jack Murphy, 2020/21 Boat Grant Skipper and Class of ’22 Brown University.

The Boat Grant Program is excited to return to the water in the summer of 2022 for its 15th Season and we are looking for new Teams! The International Lightning Class Association will provide boats to several promising young sailors! The program also covers regatta entry fees, some travel expenses, and provides a knowledgeablementor.

Sailors will enjoy the best equipmentwith newer boats and brand-new sails, great competition, and an opportunitymeet some really fun people! The program eliminates the financial barriers in organizing a three-person race team and provides sailors over the age of 19 the opportunity to focus on learning a new boat. The Lightning Class is competitive and fun! It has been the starting point for many of the very best racers in the World!


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