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30 and Under Regatta Subsidy

Laura Jeffers | Published on 3/11/2024

30 and Under Entry Fee Subsidy

The Limbaugh Fund will reimburse skippers aged 30 and under for up to 50% of regatta entry fees for 2024.  Those looking for support should send an email to the Lightning Class office ( with “Limbaugh Subsidy” in the subject line and include the following information:

—Names and ages of your 3 team members.

—Regatta name, location and dates.

—Entry fee (base fee only, please do not include ala carte items such as meals, t-shirts, etc.)

—Home address of the skipper

The Limbaugh Fund Committee will review your request and respond within 2 weeks.  You will be reimbursed with the determined amount shortly after your participation in the event.

Reposted March 11, 2024

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