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30 and Under Regatta Subsidy

Laura Jeffers | Published on 7/8/2024

30 and Under Entry Fee Subsidy

The Limbaugh Fund may reimburse skippers aged 30 and under for up to 50% of regatta entry fees for 2024.  Those looking for support should send an email to the Lightning Class office ( with “Limbaugh Subsidy” in the subject line and include the following information:

—Names and ages of your 3 team members.

—Regatta name, location and dates.

—Entry fee (base fee only, please do not include ala carte items such as meals, t-shirts, etc.)

—Home address of the skipper

The Limbaugh Fund Committee will review your request and respond within 2 weeks.  You will be reimbursed with the determined amount shortly after your participation in the event.

The Youth Worlds, Junior North American's and U32 Regatta's already offer discounted entry fees by the Organizing Authority and are not eligible for this entry fee subsidy. 

Other requests for support are always welcome for consideration by the Limbaugh Fund Committee. 

Reposted July 8, 2024

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