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U32 Movement - Regatta Information!

Laura Jeffers | Published on 6/7/2024

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Calling all sailors Under 32 - New Lightning Event!

The International Lightning Class introduces the U32 initiative to support and grow members aged 32 and under. Events will be organized by current U32 class members to welcome new sailors to experience the camaraderie, competitive sailing, and fun nature of the class. Regatta Chair, Maya Weber is "excited to have a new opportunity, beyond the Boat Grant Program, to welcome post collegiate or junior sailors who still want to sail or reconnect with the sport, but don't have access or know what class to join."

The inaugural U32 Invitational will take place August 24-25 at the Buffalo Canoe Club in Crystal Beach, Ontario. The event will consist of a mini-clinic, two-day regatta, and fun evening activities. Boats and housing will be provided at no cost. Sailors can sign up as a team or as individuals.

Calling all sailors U32 - invite your friends to experience the Lightning Class!

Check out the new web pages for more information, including a direct link to the U32 Regatta Event Page, Special Tee Shirts to promote and support the movement and Frequently Asked Questions:

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