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Lightning Class Association
Date: 6/7/2021
Subject: Purchase Discounted Sails - Only 1 Regatta Use
From: International Lightning Class Association

Special Opportunity 
US Sailing
8 sets of North Sails available for discounted purchase after 1 regatta of use.
Reserve yours today! 

Each year, US Sailing runs a Championship of Champions Regatta which brings twenty invited National, North American or World champions in their respective one design class to compete in a designated one design class of boat. This year they have chosen Lightnings as the boat of choice and Pontiac Yacht Club as the host club. The regatta will be held on September 16th to 19th.


The host club has to provide the boats for the event. As PYC has 64 registered Lightnings we already have 20 owners of competitive boats signed up to loan their boat for the event. Understandably, US Sailing requires that the boats be as equally competitive as is possible. While the boats are relatively equal the sails are of varying ages and conditions so we are looking to improve this. We have been working with North Sails as the exclusive sail supplier to the regatta and they have created a discount sail program for sails to be used in this event.


Any Lightning owner who is prepared to buy sails and allow them to be used in the regatta will receive a 25% discount on their purchase. This amounts to almost $1000 off a full set. The sails will be delivered to the regatta by North and, subsequently, supplied to the new owners.  The sails may be picked up or alternatively, depending on the distance, a delivery charge may apply.

This is a limited offer, only 8 full suits of sails are still available at the discount, on a first come first served basis. Priority will be given to those purchasing all three sails, others purchasing one or two sails will be combined to make up the full sets for the regatta. Once we have orders totaling 8 full sets the offer will close. So, if you want to take advantage of this offer, speed is of the essence.


Other than allowing their use in the regatta, there are no special requirements for the purchased sails. You can have your sail number as usual and choose your spinnaker colors. Prior to June 12th you will most likely be able to choose spinnaker colors but due to the nature of manufacturing lead time and supplier schedules, they may be out of stock of different colors. After that date you may have to go with what is in stock at North.


An order form which deducts the 25% from the total is available here. Please use this for ordering and email it to Caleb Mathers at the address shown on the order form. Any questions contact Caleb at

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